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Kaisho's Positively Pornographic Brunch Menu

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Bacon and egg steam bun, bao benedict, and hangover noodle soup.

Kaisho's breakfast taco with spam.
Kaisho's breakfast taco with spam.

Kaisho, the Asian-American restaurant and bar on Capitol Hill, recently launched a  weekend brunch that shows off some of the best of what the recently revamped restaurant has going for it. Drawing on his experiences traveling through Laos, Thailand, and Vietnam, Executive Chef Kalen Schramke developed a menu of pan-Asian flavors featuring ingredients from the Pacific Northwest.

Schramke's menu is also a nod to the vibe of the Capitol Hill neighborhood he calls home, with items like hangover noodle soup and street food-inspired bites like the breakfast tacos and steam buns.

Kaisho replaced Boom Noodle on E. Pike over the summer.

Bacon and egg steam bun.


504 Bellevue Way NE, Bellevue, WA 98004 425 453 6094