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Huge House of Beer, Queen Anne Hall, Promises "Kick Ass" Design

"Austro-Hungarian meets Seattle"

Queen Anne Hall

Queen Anne Hall, the massive new house of beer from New York-based entrepreneur Andrej Ivanov, is on track to open later this year in the former Cotton Caboodle building on Lower Queen Anne. Co-owner of Hoboken's Pilsener Haus and founding partner in Brooklyn's Radegast Hall, Ivanov shared details with Eater about the ambitions 7,000-square-foot project at 203 W. Thomas St.

The space will seat between 270 and 300. "If anything else the design is going to be kick ass," he promises. The interior? Ivanov is shooting for "Austro-Hungarian meets Seattle" that riffs off European breweries that operated during the first part of the 1900s, mixed with a Northwest aesthetic. Think raw steel tiles, lots of wood, and fixtures, signs, and murals imported from Europe.

Ivanov says the beer list will not only focus on European brews but also leave "plenty of room" for regional pours. The menu will be what Ivanov calls a mix of a "Central European comfort food" and local flavors.

While he's not ruling out expanding to other West Coast cities, Ivanov is focusing first on Seattle. He mentioned receiving offers to open projects in Nashville and Miami, although nothing official is in the works.

Look for Queen Anne Hall to officially unlock the doors in May.