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Elysian Brewing Is About to Sell its Soul to Anheuser-Busch

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Oh, snap.

Elysian Brewing [Facebook]

Anheuser-Busch, the beer giant that is responsible for Bud Light and Michelob ULTRA, has announced it is set to purchase Seattle's Elysian Brewing. The sale, which should be finalized by the end of this quarter, will include Elysian's Airport Way brewery and its four Seattle brewpubs: Elysian Capitol Hill, Elysian Tangletown, Elysian Fields, and Elysian BAR.

Elysian Brewing was founded in 1995 by Dick Cantwell, Joe Bisacca, and David Buhler, making it one of Seattle's oldest craft breweries. Via press release from Anheuser-Busch, Cantwell says, "Throughout our journey we’ve been focused on brewing a portfolio of both classic and groundbreaking beers and supporting innovation and camaraderie in the beer industry through collaboration and experimentation. By joining with Anheuser-Busch we’ll be able to take the next steps to bring that energy and commitment to a larger audience."

This guy says it best: