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Oyster Farm Rivals Initiate Bicoastal Bivalve Brawl

Let the silly Super Bowl betting begin.

Have you heard? The Super Bowl is on Sunday. And in advance of the game, self-professed "diehard fans and oyster farm rivals" are squaring off with a bivalve-related bet.

The bet pits Washington's own Hama Hama Oyster Company against Island Creek Oysters of Duxbury, MA. Fans of the losing team must wear the opposing team's gear on their farm for a week, plus they must send a care package of choice oysters to the winner.

In addition, both farms are offering customers a sampling of the other farm's oysters in advance of the game. If you order the "Big Game Bivalve Brawl," you'll be treated to two dozen Hama Hama oysters and two dozen Island Creek oysters.