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Hommage Earns 3 Stars Despite "Barely Edible" Boeuf Bourguignon

Eater reads the reviews so you don't have to.

At Queen Anne's Hommage (formerly the Book Bindery), Chef Nico Borzee puts a fresh spin on the classic dishes of his homeland, France. And Providence Cicero of The Seattle Times thinks they're good enough to merit three stars.

Cicero speaks of Borzee's creations in mostly glowing terms: "wickedly delicious," "lush," "a complete delight to eat." However, she found the rabbit terrine "ho hum," and called the Boeuf Bourguignon "barely edible."

Overall, she says, "Borzee’s style is playful, elegant, rustic and rich. He streamlines flavors, making the most of each, getting the tension mostly right, if not consistently across the menu."


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