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Seattle Chefs Share the Restaurants They Most Miss

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Doggy Style East Coast Hot Dogs, El Tajin, Bisato, and more.

Suzi Pratt

From recent closures to sentimental favorites and high-end dining to fast food, some of Seattle's finest in the industry talk about the restaurants they miss.

Taichi Kitamura, Co-owner/Executive Chef of Sushi Kappo Tamura: "Boston Market [closed in the Seattle area but there are still locations in other parts of the US.] I miss the creamed spinach! As far as fast food/takeout spots go, Boston Market was well executed and delicious."

Lauren Feldman, co-owner Vif Café and Wine Bar: "Dot's because it was the neighborhood spot everyone wished were in their neighborhood. Miles James was also doing something really different wtih meat than anyone else in Seattle...and [wide-eyed] those FRIES!"

Mutsuko Soma, Executive Chef/Ower of Miyabi on 45th: "There was this small hot dog stand on Stone Way called Doggy Style East Coast Hot Dogs that I wished I tried before it closed. It's weird to say I miss a place I never tried but I walk past that location often while walking my dog (a Chihuahua-Daschund mix/"chiweenie", actually) and I think about that place. The menu had all kinds of crazy types of hot dogs from German brats with kraut to a Mac and cheese hot dog. You can't really beat being able to grab a hot dog near your house while walking the dog and that name...Doggy Style. I also miss going to Sambar. I enjoyed sitting at their patio with a cocktail and some fries."

Tiffany Ran, cook and founder of BlindCock Media: "I will always miss what I feel is one of the prettiest restaurants Seattle had, La Bete. The food was beautiful and the kitchen was immaculate. The art was so thoughtful and really set an elegant mood without being fussy or dated. Aleks really knows how to create an interesting space. I miss grabbing brunch there and ordering the fideos, rice noodle paella. Plus, it doesn't hurt that all the cooks there were just as beautiful to look at. So much yum, like really."

Robbie Mc Grath, bartender at Matt's in the Market (creator of the best bloody mary in Seattle and possibly the galaxy): "Easy question to answer. Baby lamb chops and orange confit with chocolate nibs at Bisato. I think I may cry."

Manu Alfau, chef-owner at La Bodega: "I worked at Union and we had a really diverse bar menu. The bar menu featured random items for $9. There was a southern style fried quail with a fingerling salad and green beans, for example, and you could get crudo, sweetbreads, prosciutto, and more. You could eat like a king for way less than a la carte!"

Josh Nebe, Eater Young Gun 2014, chef-owner of Dackel: "There used to be a Mexican restaurant on the Hill that I loved called El Tajin, right by where Poppy is. I had my first legal margarita there. It was the first time I had handmade tortillas, too. There were chicharrones and tacos and the owner was always super friendly and awesome."