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Adriatica's Mediterranean Food (and Killer View)

Remembering great restaurants from Seattle's past.

Steven Santiago/Flickr

A house perched above Dexter Avenue was home, for many years, to an ambitious restaurant called Chez Paul, which gave way to a partnership (Greek-Croatian-Italian) called Adriatica. The view (until an office building got in the way) was almost as good as the panorama from Canlis; the food, by John Sarich, brought new Mediterranean flavors and techniques to Seattle.

Yes, there was overreach: Dalmatia, in the Inn at the Market, failed to catch on. But Sarich went on to become the corporate chef at Chateau Ste. Michelle and developed an understated approach to Northwest ingredients that blended perfectly with locally produced wine. Adriatica itself fell into disrepair and closed for good in 2001.