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Le Tastevin's Splashy, Truffle-Studded Wine Dinners

Remembering classic Seattle restaurants.

Steven Santiago/Flickr

Le Tastevin on Lower Queen Anne was the upscale, celebratory version of the Brasserie Pittsbough. The building was by Roland Terry, the same architect who put together Canlis. The operating partners were Emile Ninaud, a suave host who ran the wine side of the operation; and Jacques Boiroux, a genial and well-connected French chef.

Together they hosted splashy, truffle-studded wine-centric dinners before their partnership dissolved, 20 years ago, in the wake of a dispute with the Washington State Liquor Control Board. Today Ninaud runs a wine shop on Denny, and Boiroux has become a partner in the Metropolitan Markets chain. The restaurant is now an event space called Kaspar's.