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Vancouver's Massively Popular Meat & Bread Opens this Spring in Capitol Hill

A few juicy details.

Inside Meat & Bread's Gastown location
Inside Meat & Bread's Gastown location
Meat & Bread/Facebook

The first happy whisper that what's arguably the most popular sandwich shop in British Columbia is headed to Seattle was heard round the city last summer. Now, construction is well underway at Capitol Hill's Meat & Bread, with plans for a spring opening in the Central Agency Building. Eater checked in with owner Frankie Harrington for an update on the project.

Harrington confirms that Seattle location's menu will be similar (thank goodness) to its Canadian siblings. The space will be seat 50 and serve lunch and dinner.

Since Seattle is "like a second home" to Harrington and owner Cord Jarvie, the pair had been thinking about opening a location here for "quite a bit." They checked out addresses in other neighborhoods, but decided that the space next to John Sundstrom's almost open Slab Sandwiches + Pie was the "perfect fit."

And what about the buzz surrounding the opening? "We're not there as much as I would like to be so I don't get to hear the positive feedback," Harrington says," but it's "amazing, pretty flattering."

Look for Meat & Bread to start serving Porchetta and corned beef sandwiches on 10th Ave. near Seneca this April.

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Can't hardly wait. Photo: Meat & Bread/Facebook