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After More Than Five Decades, Wallingford's Moon Temple Shutters This Week

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Bye, Moon Temple. Hi, CVS.

Curbed Seattle

Wallingford Chinese restaurant Moon Temple is closing this week. The 1929 building at 2100 N. 45th St. is being knocked down and replaced with a new CVS drug store and parking spaces.

The more than 50-year-old dive is a favorite haunt of Artusi's Adam Fortuna. Fortuna told Eater what's so special about the place last year:

There's a bartender/mgr who works everyday, Johnny, and he is the guy that remembers everyone's name, drink, and what's going on on your life. I've become great friends with him over time and I've actually learned a lot about hospitality from him as well. He is the epitome of what bartending should be, before it became overly pretentious and ego-driven.
Their pours are insane, probably upwards of a triple shot on anything you'd order. It's gotten a little overrun with the UW kids on the weekends, but there's always a fun time to be had (and usually forgotten) during the week. A pour of fernet and an order of five-star crispy tofu cannot be missed.

For more, Wallyhood posted a nice tribute to the dive and Chen. Moon Temple locks its doors for the final time this Friday, January 9.

Moon Temple

2108 N 45th St, Seattle, WA 98103 (206) 633-4280