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Caffeine Nerds Rejoice: Olympia Coffee Roasting Co. Plans Massive Upgrade

Three times as awesome.

Olympia Coffee/Facebook

Olympia Coffee Roasting Co. is beefing up its downtown Olympia HQ. Sprudge reports that the company is growing into the space formerly shared with coffee equipment company Espresso Parts. The roaster will soon start moving into an additional 4,000-square-feet of real estate, complete with a "show stopper" cafe slated to open this spring.

Getting wonderfully geekier, the new roastery includes a cupping and training space, a quality control lab, and a coveted, vintage German 23-kilo roaster from the now defunct manufacturer Gothot. Plus, a production area for bottling conventional and nitro cold brew.

Owner Oliver Stormshak and crew snagged Roaster of the Year accolades in 2013 from Roast Magazine. Check out a video highlighting the 10-year-old company: