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Where to Eat During Seattle Restaurant Week

Thierry Rautureau weighs in.

Seattle Restaurant Week kicks off on Sunday, with more than 165 restaurants offering three-course dinners for $30. (Some also offer two-course lunches for $15.) The promotion runs from October 18 through 22 and again from October 25 through 29.

With so many restaurants to choose from, we've asked perennial participant Thierry Rautureau (chef-owner of Luc and Loulay) to weigh in with suggestions of where to eat. His picks include:

“Very nice setting, such a great spot. Should be a priority for people to visit.”

“I like the openness of the space, delicious local food.”

"Fabulous setting, I love sitting on the sidewalk. I wish this was in my neighborhood.”

“Very vibrant, I love the energy in the place.”

Harvest Vine
“Reminds me of Basque country, love the small dishes made a la minute”