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Pumpkin Festival at Two Doors Down; Top U.S. Restaurants in Terms of Sales

Today's dose of vital food news.

SkyCity [Facebook]

MADISON VALLEY — Two Doors Down is hosting a pumpkin festival on Saturday from noon to midnight with pumpkin beer and cider, a special pumpkin burger, and more. Full details are available on the Facebook event page. [EaterWire]

CAPITOL HILL There's an update on the earlier story about three bike cafes coming to the Central District and Capitol Hill. Now there's only two planned, as the third had to bow out after plans to convert a space in an E Pine alley was shown to "require expensive seismic work." [CHS]

LISTICLES A Seattle restaurant has landed on Restaurant Business’ 2015 Top 100 Independents, which ranks "the country’s top-grossing restaurants with no more than five locations." Sky City at the Needle sits at the number 47 spot, with sales estimated at $15,500,000 last year for an average check size of $56.