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Flying Squirrel Team to Open Raconteur in Seward Park

It's coming in the new Third Place Books early next year.

The future home of Raconteur, 5041 Wilson Ave S.
The future home of Raconteur, 5041 Wilson Ave S.
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Just months after Little Oddfellows debuted in Elliott Bay Book Company comes (great) news of another cafe/bookstore collaboration. The owners of Flying Squirrel Pizza Company are bringing bar/coffeeshop/restaurant Raconteur in the upcoming Seward Park Third Place Books, reports Seattle Met.

The address, 5041 Wilson Ave S, is the former home of the Seward Park PCC, which relocated to Columbia City this summer. Per Met: "While the bar will be in the basement, the rest of Raconteur is separated from the bookstore only by low walls, a purposeful design to encourage people to wander the aisles while waiting for a table, or page through a magazine with an Americano in hand."

In the coffee shop at the entrance, expect house-made pastries and bagels; in the downstairs bar, expect 20 taps "and slightly Belgian and German overtones, both in the beer choices and the menu of housemade pretzels and sausages." Otherwise for food, founder Bill Coury is considering tacos, a falafel sandwich, a burger, and more non-pretentious plates, with little fried food and local sourcing like at Flying Squirrel. No pizza here, though, with the original Squirrel just a half mile away. The restaurant plans to be open all day.

Coury and business partner Brian Vescovi are currently hoping for a mid February opening.