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Lisa Nakamura's Gnocchi Now Available at PCC

You can find it in the West Seattle, Fremont, and Columbia City stores.

Gnocchi Bar [Facebook]

Lisa Nakamura's Gnocchi Bar has developed a solid big fan base, and now she's reaching even more people with her frozen gnocchi for sale at the West Seattle, Fremont, and Columbia City PCC grocery stores.

The potato gnocchi landed in the freezer section over the weekend. It's packaged fully cooked, so it can go straight from the freezer to the saute pan, says Nakamura. "Then sauce that puppy up and enjoy. We are freezing the gnocchi for retail sale because we don't use preservatives."

Nakamura says that if demand is high, PCC may consider carrying it in their other stores. Nakamura will be demoing at the Fremont store on December 3, Columbia City on December 4, and West Seattle on December 11, all from 4 to 7 p.m.