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Capitol Hill's Manhattan to Close Sunday

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They're serving happy hour all week to say thank you.

Manhattan [Facebook]

Capitol Hill's Manhattan announced on Facebook and Twitter yesterday that the restaurant plans to shutter on Sunday.

Here's the Facebook announcement:

We regret to inform you that Manhattan will close permanently this Sunday, November 22nd, 2015. On behalf of the Manhattan family, it has been a truly memorable and blessed experience serving all of our wonderful patrons the last 4 years. We would like to sincerely thank everyone for all of your support and love. We will miss being a part of Capitol Hill neighborhood on 12th ave. As a "Thank You" gesture to our patrons, we will be serving our happy hour menu all week long, as well as other reduced-price specials daily. Please stop by throughout this week to share your memories and to dine with us one last time!


1419 12th Avenue, Seattle, WA (206) 325-6574 Visit Website