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Habit Burger Opens Today in Kent; Mr. West Opens All-Day Cafe Downtown

And the Feed Store opens in Mount Baker.

The Feed Store [Facebook]

'Best Burger in America' comes to Kent

The first Habit Burger location of a forthcoming 25 in Washington opens today in Kent. Consumer Reports named it the best fast food burger in America, so it's generating a lot of attention. Eater previewed the restaurant and found the burgers just so-so (perhaps the expectations are being raised too high) but the milkshakes and tempura green beans may be worth the trek from Seattle.

Bottlehouse owners open new cafe downtown

It's called Mr. West, and there's espresso from multiple roasters, sandwiches and salads, a lengthy wine list, cheese service, and breakfast, reports Seattle Met. The cafe opens early, at 7 a.m., in the Eighth and Olive Building.

Mount Baker's new, healthy corner market

The Feed Store, now open in Mount Baker, sells snacks and groceries with a local, healthy focus. There's also "farmers market­-quality offering of fresh produce, dairy, dry goods, unique local products and basic household supplies...essential cooking ingredients, fresh cut flowers, beer and wine, locally produced fermented and cured foods, a fresh juice bar, pour over and cold brew coffee, growlers for two taps of rotating draft brews, as well as fresh, Austin­-style breakfast tacos on the weekends." Hours and upcoming events can be found on the Feed Store Facebook page.