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Harvest Beat Will Open December 18 in Wallingford

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The owners are Sutra alums Jan and Aaron Geibel.

Sutra's owners: Jan Geibel, Aaron Geibel, Amber Tande, and Colin Patterson
Sutra's owners: Jan Geibel, Aaron Geibel, Amber Tande, and Colin Patterson
Sutra [Official Site]
Eater broke the news back in April that Sutra, the highly seasonal, prix fixe vegetarian restaurant in Wallingford, would shutter, which it did in September. Its owners went their separate ways, with Colin Patterson and Amber Tande moving to Leavenworth to open their forthcoming Mana restaurant.

Jan and Aaron Geibel, Sutra's other set of owners, told us they planned to open a restaurant as well. Now we have more details on Harvest Beat, set to open December 18 in the space just vacated by Satay at 1711 N 45th Street.

Here's what the couple had to say about their new venture:

We are so lucky because most of our staff are able to come join us at our new location. We are going to fashion it in the same way as Sutra but we will also have items people can purchase to bring home. For example people will be able to buy the soup of that week, roasted pumpkin seeds, cashew cheese.

The space is a bit bigger allowing us to have beer, wine and kombucha on tap at the front of the house so people can enjoy being inside while they wait for us to open. Our vision for the future includes offering lunch, wine tasting, cooking classes and a boutique. We are going to have a vertical garden on top of our roof which will have edible flowers and herbs.

The menu will be prix fixe like Sutra, and the five-course meals will be entirely vegan. The Geibels will use locally-sourced ingredients from vendors like Foraged and Found Edibles, Tonnemaker, Local Roots, and Farmbox Greens.