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New Leaf Bistro Opens in West Seattle; Ballet Will Become Buddha's Kitchen

And more openings and updates.

Hula Hula [Official Site]

New Leaf Bistro replaces Royal India Grill in West Seattle

Featuring mostly Vietnamese dishes, including pho, the New Leaf Bistro is open at at 2342 California SW, reports the West Seattle Blog.

Capitol Hill's Ballet will reopen as Buddha's Kitchen

Capitol Hill Vietnamese restaurant Ballet is being purchased by Freddy Rivas, the owner of Rancho Bravo. He'd been planning to revamp the space and rename it Buddha's Kitchen, but when Ballet was closed last week due to several health department violations, Rivas decided to pick up the pace on his plans, reports Capitol Hill Seattle. Ballet can reopen once it passes its health inspection; it's still closed as of this morning, according to the King County Public Health website.

Speaking of Rancho Bravo...

The late night favorite has finally opened its drive-thru. CHS has the details.

More changes for buildings occupied by Belltown restaurants

Belltown's rapid redevelopment continues, and two cherished spots are again on the chopping block. This time, reports Seattle Met, it's Hula Hula and Tini Bigs, whose building is under contract; the businesses are set to close in April and the current 1929 building will be torn down to make way for a six-story, 160-unit apartment building. Hula Hula and Tini Bigs will hopefully find new homes, says owner Keith Robbins. But hey, maybe there's still hope. The redevelopment plans are in their early stages, and Belltown recently put its foot down on plans to tear down Shorty'sRocco's, and Tula's Restaurant and Jazz Club in the Wayne Building on Second Ave to make room for apartments. The Wayne Building was awarded landmark status, and the businesses may live on. Still, as Seattle Met points out, that doesn't look likely here.