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The Latest Opening Projection for Seattle Meowtropolitan, TNT Espresso Is Back, and More News

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Plus, the anticipated reopening of Charlie's on Broadway.

A rendering of Seattle Meowtropolitan
A rendering of Seattle Meowtropolitan
Seattle Meowtropolitan [Facebook]

When is Seattle Meowtropolitan going to open?

It's been a long time coming, and it looks like you're going to have to wait just a bit longer for Seattle's first cat cafe. Eater reported the cafe would be opening in late October, but the new projection is sometime before Christmas, says Seattle Met.

Charlie's on Broadway also sees its opening pushed back.

The reopening of Charlie's on Broadway, a dive bar with 40 years in the business, has been delayed. Reports had the opening slated for November 27, but Capitol Hill Seattle says that date is now probably two weeks out.

Under new ownership, TNT Espresso has reopened.

The big fanbase of the tiny TNT Espresso coffee stand on Capitol Hill didn't have long to mourn. TNT owner Monica Anaya sold the business to Rock Sielaff, who reopened it this week, reports CHS