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3 Places to Try in Seattle This Weekend

Every week, Eater offers three picks for places to eat and drink over the weekend.

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Inay's [Facebook]

Welcome back to Eater Seattle's Something for the Weekend column. Every Friday, you probably think the same question: Where should I eat and drink this weekend? Covering brunch, dinner, and everything in between, here now, three places to try this weekend.

November 20, 2015

Qin Xian FOOD

Formerly called Biang!, you'll have to venture to Edmonds for this gem. The no-frills strip mall restaurant specializes in Chinese Xi’an-style noodles, hand ripped after an aggressive thwacking to stretch the dough. Prepare to get oil everywhere as you eat these long noodles, which come in a variety of bowls. Two hits include the hot oil seared preparation and the pork zha noodles, wherein ground pork adheres beautifully to the fresh dough.


Lovely little Barjot on Capitol Hill has changed things up, deciding to focus on breakfast/brunch instead of happy hour and dinner. They're still doing wonderful work, we're happy to report. The options are few and they're simple, allowing the ingredients to shine. Fresh yogurt with housemade granola, smashed egg on toast, and delightful breakfast sandwiches are the focus, washed down with a bloody mary, mimosa, or cardamom latte.

Inay's Asian Pacific Cuisine

You must get to Inay's on Beacon Hill for a Friday night drag show and dinner, and you must do so as soon as humanly possible. That's because this wonderfully bizarre gem will discontinue after the restaurant closes its doors at the end of January, leaving you few opportunities to experience the hilarity that is a one-woman drag performance in a mom-and-pop Filipino restaurant. The incredible Atasha Manila sashays between the tables, occasionally seating guests or passing out menus while she lip syncs. Cocktails are served as doubles during the show, because the lone server admits he can't come around that often. Make a reservation, bring your dollar bills, and come hungry. Do it.

November 13, 2015

Country Dough

Pike Place Market's new-ish restaurant Country Dough is tucked away in the Soames-Dunn building, across from Emmett Watson's. Here, you'll find the delightful Szechuan street snack guo kui, a flatbread stuffed with spicy meat and veggies. This is the centerpiece of the menu, but everything is good here.

Herb & Bitter

Ok, so maybe the children's book menus and eclectic pocketbooks used to house the checks are silly, but look past all that because the drinks at Herb & Bitter are fantastic. There's a generous happy hour from 3 to 6 p.m. every single day, with a bunch of discounted snacks and $2 off the house cocktails.

The kitchen by delicatus

The guys behind the fantastic sandwiches at Pioneer Square's Delicatus are running an exciting series of dinners at their nearby event space, The Kitchen. There's an impressive variety of themes, so chances are you can find something that suits you. Upcoming dinners include an "Asian fusion" heritage dinner and a harvest dinner. You'll need tickets in advance, so plan ahead.

November 6, 2015


Maria Hines' organic Sicilian restaurant Agrodolce is as tasty as ever, whether you're twirling pasta at dinner, tucking into fried chicken and waffles at brunch, or indulging in the new happy hour menu of killer olives and pickles, crispy fried vegetables, or spaghetti salsiccia.


Caliburger has landed. If you can brave the long lines, your reward is outstanding. Yes, it's basically In-N-Out, but we don't currently have one of those, and Caliburger is a damn fine stand in. Load up with a boozy milkshake, burger, and "Cali-style fries," smothered with American cheese, grilled onions, and Cali sauce.


Chavez is serving quality Durango-style Mexican food on Capitol Hill, and it's shockingly easy to get a table most nights. Expect well-made cocktails and a menu that's so enticing it's hard not to order an obscene amount of food. The tacos here are bomb, so that's a good starting place; tiny tortillas cradle fistfulls of flavorful meat. Bring a bunch of people so you can try everything.