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Seattle's Darkest Day; Take Uber's Seattle Driver Knowledge Test

Without further ado, we present the latest and greatest real estate news from our sister site, Curbed Seattle.

WEATHER OR NOT—If you've been feeling like it's been extra gloomy this gloomy season, you are literally correct. According to Cliff Mass, Monday, December 7 was the darkest December day in Seattle in nearly 9 years. That stat actually comes from UW research meteorologist Mark Albright, who measured 0.44 MJ/m2 (mega Joules per square meter) on Monday, the lowest amount since December 14, 2006.

STATE O'THE MARKET—According to the Northwest Multiple Listing Service, there were 2,302 active single-family home listings in King County in November 2015. Per Seattle Bubble, that's the lowest monthly inventory that's ever been recorded in the area. That number is not only a whopping 24.9 percent decrease from October but also a 37.1 percent decrease from the previous November.

GETTING AROUND—If you've gotten in an Uber in Seattle you know you're at the mercy of the GPS-enabled navigation on their smartphone or their own actual understanding of the city. That second one is actually a regulation, requiring transportation companies to test their drivers on knowledge of the area. GeekWire got their hands on the questions that Uber asks it's drivers. Can you answer them correctly?