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Seattle Area Chipotle Closed Once Again for Health Violations

For continued violations following food-borne illness trend

In the midst of an ongoing company-wide struggle with public health concerns, the South Lake Union Chipotle (212 Westlake Ave.) was closed once again, still failing to maintain foods at proper temperatures after several consecutive visits from health inspectors following October's statewide Chipotle closure.

Last month, Chipotle closed 43 locations in Oregon and Washington after an E. coli food poisoning outbreak. The stores had reopened after thorough cleaning, but apparently it wasn't good enough at the Westlake location. There's also now a norovirus outbreak linked to Chipotle that has sickened 120 people in the Boston area.

A recent annual report from Chipotle suggests their susceptibility is due in part to use of "fresh produce and meats rather than frozen, and our reliance on employees cooking with traditional methods rather than automation." See what else they're saying to turn around bad press.

—David Rothstein