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Big Boys Filipino Food Truck Plans Restaurant

The menu will feature traditional Filipino and fusion dishes.

Big Boys Filipino Food Truck
Big Boys Filipino Food Truck
Photo Courtesy of the Big Boys Food Truck

Big Boys Filipino Food Truck owner Nate Daep says there aren’t many Filipino restaurants in the Seattle area and there ought to be more. Sure there's Inay’s Asian Pacific Cuisine and the Food and Sh*t events, but places to enjoy Filipino cuisine are indeed few and far between. Now Daep and his wife Melanie Daep will open up Big Boys Kainan in Kent by "late January." Specifically, it's going into the Magic Flavors space (21230 84th Ave S) in the 212th Street Plaza.

The first restaurant project from the Daep's, Big Boys Kainan will be a 36-seater featuring a full menu of traditional Filipino dishes such as pancit (a stir fried rice noodle dish), lumpia (a Filipino version of a spring roll filled with meat and vegetables), and kare kare (a peanut butter stew). All are dishes you’d find at a typical Filipino party, says Daep. They're also planning a couple classics with a Big Boys twist. See the longanisa burger, which will parlay the salty and sweet flavors of a Spanish sausage into a burger. Also: sisig fries, which are French fries topped with sizzling minced pork seasoned with lemon and chili peppers.

Big Boys Kainan will team up with Caked Goods, a bakery specializing in everything from macarons to cupcakes, for the desserts. Daep says they’re looking forward to hosting some karaoke nights, and while they won’t have a full bar, they’ll be serving beer and wine to start.

Tentative hours will be 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday and 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday. The restaurant was initially part of the five-year plan for Daep. He's thrilled that his wife, family and friends have managed to get here just three years after opening the food truck. Now have a look at some Big Boys Instagram action:

Renton Uwajimaya 11:30am-2pm

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— Geri Massengale