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West Seattle Pub, Ounces, Tapping Northwest Beers This Summer

They’ll pour a rotating selection of regional microbrews.


Too much to keep up with the copious amount of great microbreweries in the area?

Ounces has a solution. The upcoming West Seattle beer garden plans to feature 2-ounce pours of the best in season on 30+ rotating taps.

Here’s how it works: Much like a DOC wine bar, Ounces will offer one or two taps per local brewery. Pick a 2-ounce taste or flight and sip to get up to speed on all the region’s brews. If you like your sample of microbrew or cider, you can order a pint, growler, or even keg. If not, taste something else.

Location details are not available yet, but Ounces will open in the Alaska Junction neighborhood. An outdoor area will comprise over 50% of the pub: Founder Laurel Trujillo thinks it’s important that people be able to drink outside rain or shine. "It doesn’t have to be sunny," says Trujillo. "I want to create a space that will be open outdoors no matter what type of weather – rain, shine or windstorm. Just sit by the fire on a cool fall night and sip a beer. You know, that tailgate experience."

The beer garden is in talks with food trucks to park onsite, but visitors will also be able to bring their own snacks. Kids and pets will be welcome, of course, and Ounces will provide games like corn hole and horse shoes to waste a whole afternoon away.

Plans are in motion, but it’s not too late to invest in the project on Ounces' website.  They  hope to open in spring 2016.

Lara Douglass