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Fairmont's Georgian Dumps Dinner; Pike Street Fish Fry Closes

And norovirus rears its ugly head at Main Street Gyros.

Fairmont Olympic [Official Site]

The Georgian is discontinuing dinner

This is highly unfortunate, even if you're not into fine dining. Chef Gavin Stephenson has been creating exceptional food at The Georgian, some of which incorporates honey he cultivates on the roof of the hotel, for crying out loud. The elegant dining room will serve its last dinner on New Year's Eve, ending a 30-year tradition, reports The Seattle Times.

Pike Street Fish Fry closes, but is it permanent?

Apparently this happened last month, reports Capitol Hill Seattle, but the move may not be permanent. Here's the explanation on CHS: "After 2 years of disruption to our business due to massive development in our street, we decided to stop fighting the losses we were incurring  and take this time to temporarily close for a renovation and clean up. We will be using this time to revisit the the concept and space with fresh eyes and ideas with a plan to reopen the space when the construction is done or at least major projects subside."

Cloudburst isn't open, but they almost ready to put their beer out there

The exciting project from Elysian alum Steve Luke is still in the works, but Luke is almost ready to start distributing his beer, says the Washington Beer Blog. One of your first opportunities to try the beer will come on December 10 at The Beer Junction from 5 to 8 p.m. when they host a Cloudburst Brewing tasting event.

Hope you didn't get norovirus from Main Street Gyros

Norovirus is not pretty, and if you haven't had it, consider yourself lucky. Three people reported symptoms of the virus after eating at Main Street Gyros, The Seattle Times writes, and the restaurant was closed Tuesday for cleaning. There will be a health inspection today for possible reopening.