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Jamil Suleman and the Bitter Barista Rap-Cook Curry in a Hurry

With a bit of help from Tarik Abdullah.

There are many dishes one can attempt to master but one with mass appeal is curry, a piping hot staple of any aspiring chef. But learning to make the meal may feel daunting to even the most adventurous.

Fear not, Jamil Suleman and Matt Watson (aka the Bitter Barista, who produces music under the moniker "Spekulation") have created a music video for their song "Curry-NA-Hurry" featuring a sitcom-esque format, a walk through a grocery store, and a fast, cheap curry preparation. The video, which features Tarik Abdullah ("The Taste," Morningstar Café) and Pam Jacob (Pam's Kitchen), will get you off the couch and into the kitchen on the road to satisfaction. Watch, dear reader, and learn.

For more on the video's production, Eater asked Watson a few questions:

What was the most fun part about putting this song and video together?

A couple things, really. First of all, it was really dope to make a song with a little tongue-in-cheek humor. Most of my other music is, if not serious, pretty earnest in its tone and delivery. But I also spend a great deal of time writing jokes on the internet for Bitter Barista. So it was great to bring both of those worlds together and make something fun. This is also the first record I've produced for another rapper, so that was a whole new world to play in and the freedom it gave me to experiment on the production side is something I want to experience more of in the coming year.

How often do you find yourself in the kitchen putting together quick, cheap meals?

My wife and I work four jobs between the two of us, so we try to make the most of what little time we have together. That being said, cheap and quick is the only way we eat, and Trader Joe's and our addiction to cooking shows have given us a ton of unearned confidence in the kitchen. We cook most nights, mostly experimenting with seasonal vegetables and a lot of fish and seafood. My wife grew up in a Filipino household, so she's introduced me to a whole other world of flavors, which I'm really grateful for. Living in Seattle, it's easy to eat good and feel good without breaking the bank.

Right now we're really into roasted Brussels sprouts and kale salads in the veggie department. We blanch the kale quickly to make it a little less intense and then we just toss it in a salad like we would any other green. As for protein, I've been trying to nail butter-cooked steak (from Bob's Butcher in Columbia City), where you constantly spoon the butter over the steak as it cooks in a pan. My ADHD has proven too much for this technique, and I always get distracted or bored. But last time it was close to perfection.

What's next on the horizon food-wise for you?

I'm not working as a barista as much as I used to, but I'm still pulling shots at The Station every weekend on Beacon Hill. That gives me an opportunity to hang out with the folks I care about in a café environment, which I absolutely need to stay sane. It also gives me a little inspiration here and there for the Bitter Barista website, which is celebrating its 2nd anniversary this week. We've got some fun stuff we're working on for the website to celebrate, so that should be happening in the next few weeks. And on the personal tip, the wife and I hope to master cooking beef wellington this year. Neither of us is convinced we'll actually like it, but we're determined to make it happen regardless.