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How to Eat All the Things at Seattle Wine and Food Experience

Your best bets for the Sunday event.

Seattle Wine and Food Experience [Facebook]

Seattle Wine and Food Experience is back for its seventh year this Sunday; they'll try and make you so full of wine and food, you’ll forget you have to work the next day. With 26 restaurants, 25 specialty food distributors, and somewhere around 600 wines, you should probably take a cab—and the next day off.

So, where to start, where to go, and what to eat? Here are a few picks:

Lamb Lovers

Master of meat, genius of game Tamara Murphy is holding down the fort for VIP ticket holders, helping tasters to a bite of Terra Plata. Stop by for the lamb shoulder confit, with potato-cauliflower escabeche and salsa verde.

Also in the land of Very Important People, Restaurant Zoe is going double time with lamb pastrami on crostini with pomegranate foam, braised celery root, and cilantro chimichurri, as well as a lamb shank tortellini with housemade ricotta, sage butter, pickled currants.

Extravagance Seekers

Manhattan is representing the savory set with a bone marrow pot de creme with smoked onion marmalade and candied bacon. Yeah, you read that right.

If that’s not fancified enough for you, try Purple’s Maine lobster salad with celery, frisée, and a lemon-cayenne aioli.

Beyond Deli

Delicatus makes use of the amazing beef of Gleason Ranch in two ways. First, try their Wooden Table (house brand) pastrami sliders on Essential rye with a Swiss cheese mornay. Then, Chef Aaron Willis shows off his skill from time spent in Bali with a Balinese rendang curry. Yes please.

Pillowy Pleasures

Gnocchi Bar chef Lisa Nakamura is going to please the sure-to-be-long lines of people queuing up to taste a preview of her upcoming niche resto, serving up russet potato gnocchi with creamy mushrooms.

In a city of seafood, Ray’s has been mastering the medium for longer than most. Try their smoked sea scallop with coriander poached prawns and pickled tomato for a fresh, plush bite.

There are tons more big flavored little bites, plus more wines than we could possibly list. Tickets are still available here, and don’t forget to come back and report on your winning mouthfuls.


1419 12th Avenue, Seattle, WA (206) 325-6574 Visit Website

Terra Plata

1501 Melrose Avenue, , WA 98122 (206) 325-1501 Visit Website

Delicatus "A Seattle Delicatessen"

103 1st Avenue S, Seattle, WA 98104 206 623 3780 Visit Website

Ray's Boathouse

6049 Seaview Avenue Northwest, , WA 98107 (206) 789-3770 Visit Website

Restaurant Zoe

1318 E Union Street, Seattle, Washington 98122 206 256 2060 Visit Website