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New Details About Il Terrazzo Carmine’s Bellevue Location

Classic and modern will converge at Carmine.

In early January it was announced that the owners of the iconic Il Terrazzo Carmine were planning to open a second restaurant in Bellevue. Now, Carmine Smeraldo Jr., the eldest of the two Smeraldo sons, has shed some light on what can be expected from the forthcoming Carmine: a little bit of old, a little bit of new.

"We understand as a family what has made us successful over the last 30 years. It's the flavors and the style," says Smeraldo. "We are going to keep that in mind when we develop the new menu."

That doesn’t mean Carmine is just going to be a second Il Terrazzo. Staples from the current menu will likely be present, including the famous veal scaloppini and the late Carmine Sr.’s classic marinara sauce (the recipe for which is reportedly kept in a secret safe). But more contemporary touches could be added, with particular attention paid to how dishes are plated and presented.

"The plates themselves are going to hold our rustic style, but they’ll definitely feel more modern."

That goes for the space as well, which is being developed with a more simplistic, streamlined design. Though it’ll still feel like a Smeraldo restaurant. Carmine, 24-years-old, and his younger brother Philip, 21, will act as the "boots on the ground," with matriarch Maria Smeraldo presiding over the operation. "What’s most important is we want the space to summon emotions about my dad’s homeland," says Smeraldo. "To make guests feel like their somewhere outside of the northwest." Carmine is set to open spring 2016.

Contributed by Darren Davis.