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Shanik Is Closing Next Month

The sibling restaurant to popular Vij's in Vancouver will shutter March 21.

South Lake Union's Shanik is set to close March 21. Meeru Dhalwala opened the Indian restaurant in 2012 with much fanfare following 20 years at her husband's namesake restaurant, Vij's, in Vancouver -- which Dhalwala co-owns. Shanik hoped to ride the wild success of Vij's, but it seems ultimately it could not. Seattle Met has the scoop:

But the elegant Indian restaurant in the heart of the Amazon couldn't sustain enough weekday customers; March 21 will be Seattle's last night of lamb popsicles and cricket parathas. "It was just the wrong finer dining concept for that location," says Meeru Dhalwala.

Seattle Met hints that Seattle perhaps hasn't seen the last of Dhalwala. "I'm probably going to come back" in one way or another, she told the magazine.


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