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Nue Wins Over Skeptic; Damn the Weather Is Convivial, Delectable

Eater reads the reviews so you don't have to.

Seattle's food critics recently reported on Capitol Hill's new internationally-inspired street food spot, Nue, and Pioneer Square's Damn the Weather. At Seattle Weekly, reviewer Nicole Sprinkle says she was initially concerned that Nue's dishes, inspired as they are from so many different cultures, would perhaps "result in a cacophonous assault on the taste buds." But the result proved otherwise:

Nue has avoided this potential pitfall—in part by incorporating Asian flavors on almost half of the menu, with a focus on Vietnam, Japan, and Korea. So when Barbadian pig tails or Latvian smoked sprats are thrown into the mix, it’s more a welcome departure than a global war on the tongue.

Providence Cicero of The Seattle Times has the scoop on Damn the Weather in Pioneer Square. She hunkered down in the "comely" space and enjoyed "serious cocktails and the sort of comfort food discerning drinkers crave." Chicken fat fries were "sublime" and the fried oyster gyro turned out to be "exceptional." Cicero also likened experienced bartender Jay Kuehner to a magician. She gave it two and a half stars.


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Damn the Weather

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