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Fresh Flours Opens a Beacon Hill Location

The Japanese-influenced pastry shop gets a third location.

Fresh Flours [Facebook]

Fresh Flours, a bakery with Japanese-inspired pastries, is opening a third location in Beacon Hill Saturday. The company operates two other locations in Phinney Ridge and Ballard.

"We are so excited to get to know our new neighbors, and we feel really lucky to have started that process before we had even opened our doors," says Jameson Hubbard, who manages the Beacon Hill Fresh Flours. "The space itself was thoughtfully designed and constructed almost entirely by folks who call Beacon Hill their home. The feedback we received during our soft opening this past weekend was so warm and welcoming, we really want to keep that positivity flowing."

Hubbard says the bakery's offerings, which include croissants, macarons, and sandwiches, are made daily at the Ballard location. The shop is located at 1624 S. McClellan Street, on the ground floor of a new mixed-used apartment building next to the Beacon Hill light rail station.