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Frost Doughnuts Head to Everett

And maybe even Seattle one day.

The line at Frost in Mill Creek
The line at Frost in Mill Creek
Facebook/Frost Doughnuts

Frost Doughnuts is bringing its indulgent pastry shop to a new undisclosed location on Colby Avenue in downtown Everett some time this spring. Since opening in 2009 in Mill Creek and creating an ample "dessert lounge," the bakery has added Wonka-esque cupcakes and seasonally flavored French macarons to the list of sweet goods that people can’t get enough of.

Proving that the cupcake trend is alive and well, the new Frost will be the main baking site for Frost-style macarons and original cupcakes to keep up with the demand for the coveted confections. And though Frost is skipping the frozen custard this time around, they’ll be serving up espresso made with a custom blend from Victrola. See the good news on Instagram:

Now, there aren’t any concrete plans yet for an expansion into Seattle, but more stores are in the works and one closer to the city could be in the picture. Stay tuned for more details on the Everett location as they evolve.

— Rosin Saez