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Ravenna Scoring a Bakery and a Brewery

Suddenly, Ravenna is hot real estate.

Sod House Bakery [Facebook]

Ravenna is suddenly hot stuff, with a handful of openings heading to the neighborhood. The Ravenna Blog reports that husband-and-wife team Tommy and Elise Ortega are opening Ol Faithful Brewing Company in a former motorcycle repair shop sometime this summer.

Meanwhile, the Ravenna Blog also reports that a bakery duo is opening this spring inside the former Morning Star Bakery space. The new ventures will be Sod House Bakery from Evan Radick and Nina Faccone, who have built a following at local farmers markets. Custom wedding cake baker Bonnie Lyons will share the space with her Bonniecakes venture.

Suddenly, the focus seems to be moving away from hot neighborhoods like Capitol Hill and Ballard; maybe they've finally maxed out their potential for new restaurants. Ravenna is also the home of upcoming nose-to-tail restaurant Salare from chef Edouardo Jordan. Just a few steps outside of Ravenna's boundaries, Josh Henderson is opening a downstairs burger joint and an upstairs cafe in the former Bill the Butcher space at at 3600 NE 45th St.