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Cheap Drinks and Punk Rock at the Streamline Tavern

Meet the dive bar's daytime bartender.

Kimmie Gant
Kimmie Gant
Renata Steiner

Welcome back to Pints of Interest, a column from Jake Uitti that features bartenders and brewers pouring some of the best beer in Seattle.

The Streamline Tavern is an oddity. In its old Mercer Street location, it stuck out like a sore thumb in quaint lower Queen Anne. People spilled out the front door, laughing, red-faced, enjoying the night as it slipped into morning. When news came that a Korean Embassy was to be built on Mercer, ousting the Streamline from its storied location, many were upset. But fears of losing the tavern were abated when Seattleites learned that the dive bar would be moving just a few blocks away to 174 Roy Street. The Streamline has a full bar along with eight taps – and you’ll always be able to find PBR and Manny’s among them. Also featured was Boundary Bay’s quintessential northwest dry and hoppy IPA.

Eater talked with daytime bartender, Kimmie Gant, who worked at Jabu’s, which the Streamline replaced, about the new spot, its clientele, and much more.

What’s the biggest difference now that the Streamline is here?

The layout is much different and there are so many more people here. We put a game room down there on the east side of the building [in the lower bowl of the big bar] with two pinball machines, a pool table, darts. The place is so big, there’s lots of room for all the people who come in. The biggest difference between now and when it was Jabu’s is the crowd, for sure – we’re a lot busier now. I went to the Streamline twice before it moved here and both times it was so busy! It’s a classic Seattle dive – perfect for a beer and a shot.

What are good day time specials here?

Tallboy Tuesdays, for sure. $2 tallboy cans – I probably sell 100 a day. Rainier, Olympia, Miller High Life and Miller Lite.

How’s the new location treating everyone?

Lower Queen Anne is perfect, and I’m glad the Streamline is here. The area needs a dive bar. The Mecca is good, but it’s super small. When people walk in here they know what they’re going to get. The rich crowd stays on top of the hill, for the most part. We get Streamline people, a lot of fisherman-types and a lot of punk rockers. There’s so much culture here. Our happy hour is great, too, we have the cheapest drinks in town! $3 wells and $3.50 drafts from 4 to 7 p.m.

Any other changes happening?

We are going to start work on a full kitchen soon but for now we have our free peanuts, which everyone loves. I was really glad the jukebox made the move over, also the bar stools are the same, the bar top and the taps. I love how it feels in here, it’s perfect!

Streamline Tavern

174 Roy St, Seattle, WA 98109 (206) 283-0519