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Salt & Iron Opens This Weekend in Edmonds

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Steak and oysters.

Salt & Iron [Facebook]

Salt & Iron, a restaurant bringing local oysters and steaks to Edmonds, will open March 22. The restaurant comes from partners Andrew Leckie and Shubert Ho, who also own Bar Dojo and Shooby Doo Catering. The lunch, brunch, and dinner spot will be located in downtown Edmonds, a short walk from the Kingston Ferry.

The menu includes small plates like caramelized endive, steak tartare, and roasted cauliflower; seafood like seared scallops and raw oysters; and iron-heavy dishes like beef tenderloin and roasted chicken. There's also a full bar with craft cocktails, local wines, and draft beer.

Salt & Iron
321 Main Street
Edmonds, WA

Salt and Iron: Oysters and Steak

321 Main St, Edmonds, WA 98020 (425) 361-1112