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Opening Alert: Gnocchi Bar Officially Opens Tonight

Lisa Nakamura's new restaurant unlocks the doors at 5 p.m.

Lisa Nakamura
Lisa Nakamura
Denise Sakaki

Lisa Nakamura's new project, Gnocchi Bar, will serve its first official dinner tonight starting at 5 p.m. after a few soft openings. Nakamura plans to serve dinner only at first, later adding lunch and brunch.

Nakamura closed her Orcas Island restaurant Allium in late 2013 to open a restaurant closer to home in Seattle. She raised funds via an Indiegogo campaign for Gnocchi Bar, which will serve a menu based around one of Allium's most popular dishes.

Gnocchi Bar is opening inside Capitol Hill's Packard Building on 12th Avenue. It was formerly occupied by D'Ambrosio Gelato, which Nakamura will continue to serve
for dessert.

Gnocchi Bar. 1542 12th Ave. (206) 328-4285.