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City Council Approves $34 Million for Pike Place Market Expansion

The new addition will include a slew of food vendors.

Pike Place Market's MarketFront addition.
Pike Place Market's MarketFront addition.
Pike Place Market

The Seattle City Council yesterday approved $34 million in funding for an expansion to Pike Place Market called the MarketFront.

The new addition to the market will take the place of what is currently a surface parking lot below the market's North Arcade crafts vendors. The project will total $73 million and is expected to break ground by May.

The MarketFront is good news for the city's food scene. The project will cover 30,000 square feet of public space with 47 farm and craft spaces. The MarketFront will also hold 40 units of affordable housing for seniors, 300 underground parking spaces, and a viewing deck. There will be a walkway connecting the addition to the waterfront after the Alaskan Way Viaduct is torn down.