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Lot No. 3 Launches Housemade Bottled Cocktails

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Bar Director Chris Faber is getting creative.

David Yusen

Bellevue's Lot No. 3 has launched an experimental line of housemade bottled cocktails spearheaded by Bar Director Chris Faber. Faber's carbonated cocktails involve first making a large batch of the specific cocktail (right now he's bottling Springtime Martinez and Negroni), and then adding water, sugar, and citric acid. Because carbonation tends to accentuate bitterness, the water and sugar help counteract that tendency. The citric acid further balances the drink and accentuates the citrus zest added to the cocktails.

Faber then pours the mixture into a two-liter bottle and carbonates the drink with the use of a CO2 tank. The finished product is distributed into smaller, six-ounce bottles that are then capped and stored for tableside opening.

Lot No. 3

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