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The Canterbury Starts Lunch Service This Thursday

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And it’s all under ten bucks

Canterbury Ale House
Canterbury Ale House
S. Pratt

After a major remodel last summer, the 40-year-old Canterbury Ale House is upping their game again, now offering seven lunches under $10 between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. beginning this Thursday, April 2. Chef Brendon O’Farrell’s menu of British Isles pub offerings reflects his travels and many years living in England and Ireland.

"I like looking after people and one of the good ways to look after folks is by feeding them well," O’Farrell said. "Food facilitates camaraderie, friendship, and good family times around the table."

O’Farrell replaced Cormac Mahoney, the Canterbury’s chef when the Seattle mainstay reopened with new owners James Snyder (Sam’s Tavern) and Mike Meckling (Neumos) last July after closing at the end of 2013. O’Farrell’s focus is sourcing local ingredients (including Carleton Farms produce, Le Panier bread, and Isernio’s sausage) and maintaining an affordable price point, with dishes like an Italian charcuterie and cheese sandwich ($9), grilled cheese and tomato soup ($8), and roadhouse chili with a house salad ($9).