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7 Things to Know About Cloudburst Brewing

Belltown readies for a destination brewing facility.

Cloudburst Brewing's future home
Cloudburst Brewing's future home

A little over a week ago, Elysian Brewing’s Steve Luke signed a lease on a space in Belltown where he plans to strike out on his own with Cloudburst BrewingA lot has been shared about the hopeful brewery over the past few days. Here are the biggest takeaways:

1. It’s been in the works since January 2014, but Luke continues to brew at Elysian for now.

2. Luke is the mastermind behind such brews as Space Dust IPA, Gourdgia On My Mind, and Split Shot Stout. At Cloudburst, he plans to have a few staples on tap, but otherwise "follow his whim" and offer seasonal beers as well.

3. Cloudburst will be located at 2116 Western Avenue, where Elliott Bay Bicycles used to be. A beer in tribute to the former occupant is already on the to-do list.

4. The facility will include a production brewery and tasting room; food will be bring-your-own.

5. Humans may be the only ones drinking, but the plan is for canines to get to hang out, too.

6. The name has meaning. "A cloudburst is a sudden and unexpected onslaught of rain, and I want my beers to exemplify that—to catch people off guard, to surprise some, and be robust and refreshing in style and flavor...Also, I think it’s just a fun word to say."

7. The target opening window is early fall.

Cloudburst Brewing; 2116 Western Avenue, Seattle, WA

—Haley Shapley

Cloudburst Brewing

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