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La Isla del Mojito Gives the People Gyros This Weekend

The gyro machine (a verified technical thing) was just delivered.

Columbia City’s La Isla del Mojito will add four gyros—traditional beef and lamb, lamb, chicken, and falafel—and a Greek salad to its menu starting this Friday or Saturday. If it sounds like a strange choice for a Latin American restaurant, remember that La Isla del Mojito’s owners also operate Grecian Delight, which has been temporarily out of service since an SUV ran into the space last August, a month before La Isla del Mojito opened.

Manager Erick Fernandez says the gyros are the result of public demand: for months guests have complained that without Grecian Delight (which hopes to reopen in six or seven months), there is no Greek food in Columbia City. "It’s very easy for us to just add the machine over here and give them what they want," Fernandez says.

Like at Grecian Delight, La Isla’s gyros will be available in combos with fries and a drink for $9.25 or a la carte for $7.35. Watch Facebook for an exact update on when the gyros will go on sale this weekend. —Sara Jones

La Isla Del Mojito

5300 Rainier Ave S, Seattle, WA 98118 (206) 535-6725