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7 Beef to Open in June

The wait continues.

Eric and Sophie Banh
Eric and Sophie Banh

Anticipated Vietnamese steakhouse 7 Beef, the latest from Eric and Sophie Banh (MonsoonBa Bar), was first slotted to open in the Central District last fall, then this March, and now comes news that it will likely arrive in June.

There are no changes to report since we last spoke. The space is still a 4,000-square-foot former architect’s office turned 90-seat restaurant; the build out is just taking longer than expected. 7 Beef still plans to offer a dinner-only menu featuring Bò 7 Món, the traditional, seven-course Vietnamese beef dinner the restaurant was named for. The restaurant will also serve other cuts including coulotte and oyster steaks, served with French and Vietnamese-inspired sides. — Sara Jones

7 Beef

1305 East Jefferson Street, Seattle, WA 98122, USA