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MmmHmm Coffee Has Grand Opening Inside Hilliard’s Beer Next Saturday

That’s right: a coffee shop within a bar

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MmmHmm Coffee
MmmHmm Coffee
MmmHmm Coffee [Facebook]

It’s been over a month since MmmHmm Coffee announced plans to become a permanent fixture inside Hilliard’s Beer (1550 NW 49th St), where they’ve been popping up for months on weekends, and next Saturday, April 11, they make it official. MmmHmm founder Jon French has been pouring his Counter Culture coffee regularly at Hilliard’s regularly since early March, but next Saturday will be the proper grand opening, and he'll now be there daily from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Coinciding their opening with the World Barista Championship competition weekend, MmmHmm will also send a team to pop up at the Convention Center next Saturday to brew for coffee masters from around the globe.