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Remedy Teas Changes Ownership

Christopher Glenn and Rich Irish are now at the helm

Remedy Teas
Remedy Teas
Remedy Teas [Facebook]

Quietly in August, Capitol Hill’s Remedy Teas changed hands from Anthony and Andrea Arnold (who founded the shop eight years ago) to Christopher Glenn and Rich Irish. Per Capitol Hill Seattle, Glenn and Irish say they didn’t broadcast the switch because "Remedy Teas is a very solid brand in the community" and they didn’t want to change the public perception of the business.

Partners Glenn and Irish have long been brainstorming owning an "art bar", pairing the "visual aesthetic of an art gallery" with the "relaxed atmosphere of a bar."

"We’re urban, hip, younger, and an energized kind of tea house," Glenn told Capitol Hill Seattle. They also intend to maintain the sustainability focus that Remedy is known for. In the future, Glenn and Irish hope to raise their web sales and open a site in West Seattle, but for now are working to establish themselves in Capitol Hill.

Remedy Teas

345 15th Ave E, Seattle, WA 98112 (206) 323-4832 Visit Website

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