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Dick Cantwell Departs Elysian Brewing

No big surprise there.

Dick Cantwell, one of Elysian Brewing's co-founders and its Head Brewer, has confirmed to Seattle Beer News that he has resigned from his post at the company. This shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone following the story of Elysian's purchase earlier this year by multinational corporation Anheuser-Busch InBev. During the shit storm that followed the news, Cantwell was quoted in Seattle Beer News saying he was "ambivalent" about the purchase:

To be perfectly honest, I have a lot of ambivalence about it. It wasn’t necessarily the outcome I was looking for, but I think it is going to ultimately be a really positive step for us in terms of the capabilities, the resources, the opportunities for our folks to further their educations and their brewing experiences. That’s the side of it that I’m trying to concentrate on.

Cantwell is working on a book, so he'll certainly be keeping busy between now and the start of any potential new projects.

Here's the text of Cantwell's announcement, per the Washington Beer Blog:

Just wanted to let you know that about half an hour ago I resigned from Anheuser Busch. The tenor of the deal, mainly from the point of view of my former partners and me, was such that I can’t possibly work with them into a future of any duration. My concerns were never even considered as a factor of whether we should or shouldn’t. From the start it was me against everyone else, with no regrets expressed. Enough about that.

In the past few months AB has treated me with consideration and seriousness, and they’ve presented me some pretty exciting future possibilities, should I be able to see my way clear to working for them. But I can’t. I am a craft brewer, past, present and future, no matter what I end up doing. Naturally I’m not one to whine about the Definition, about being on the wrong side of it, etc. I helped craft the thing while I was on the BA Board, and while I have my own personal reservations about some aspects, I think it’s important to recognize some differences in realms of the market.

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