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Steelhead Diner Owners to Open Orfeo in Belltown

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The plan is to open in August.

Kevin and Terresa Davis
Kevin and Terresa Davis
Ronald Holden

While every other celebrity chef seems to be opening on Capitol Hill (or Frelard), Kevin and Terresa Davis (Steelhead Diner, Blueacre Seafood) are venturing back into Belltown. Before they moved out to start a family, the Davis's lived for almost a decade at the Royal Crest at 3rd and Lenora. Tamara Murphy had opened Brasa across the street in 1999 and held on for almost a decade before launching Terra Plata in 2011. Now the Brasa space, vacant for well over five years, will house a restaurant once again, which Kevin and Terresa have named Orfeo.

"The block has been dark for too many years," Terresa Davis says.The name comes from characters in a painting called La Tempesta, by the Venetian Renaissance artist Giorgione; it plays a central role in Mark Helprin's novel, "Soldier of the Great War." Then again, Orpheus is also a Greek god who charms all living things with his music.

"We hope to impart some of the beauty of the artwork to the restaurant decor," Terresa tells me. Elizabeth Grace of Capitol Hill's UrbanMix is the designer.

Orfeo will have 150 seats, which is more than Steelhead Diner but fewer than Blueacre. It also has a wood-burning oven, which Davis hasn't had access to since his days as the executive sous chef at Tra Vigne in California. Menus details to come. Look for an opening in August.

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