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These 5 Delicious Burgers Have the Most Outrageous Toppings in Seattle

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Foie gras, katsu, egg-wrapped patties and more

A giant fried patty burger stuffed with toppings such as shredded lettuce, with the Katsu Burger logo in the background against a white backdrop.
A Katsu burger
Katsu Burger

A succulent, unctuous burger is a thing of beauty, a work of art. But when you want more than just the standard (albeit delicious) burger, it’s all about topping out with some seriously delectable add-ons. From peanut butter to foie gras, duck eggs to nacho cheese sauce, Eater Seattle has rounded up some of the tastiest, most impressively topped burgers in town.

Don’t see your favorite on this menu, er, list? Add it to the comments to please your fellow pleasure-heads.

1. Katsu Burger, Mt. Fuji: Let’s start with the basic fact that every patty at Katsu Burger is prepared katsu-style — meaning, fried. From chicken to pork to beef, you’re guaranteed to get a crispy, crunchy, base for whatever you’re looking for. The Mt. Fuji is the ultimate in indulgence, though, with its insane stacking of ingredients and flavors. The burger includes beef katsu, pork katsu, chicken katsu, American cheese, pepper jack, cheddar, fried egg, wasabi mayo, spicy mayo, and tonkatsu sauce. Three meats, three cheeses, three sauces, and an egg? Yeah, okay, we’re in.

Blue Moon's Nacho Mama

2. Blue Moon Burgers, Nacho Mama: Food obsessionist Kelly Cline developed this burger after wishing nachos and burgers could be best friends in real life and not just in our imaginations. Featuring pepper jack and American cheese melted together with green chiles, and topped with tortilla straws and pico de gallo, it’s all stacked and topped with a brioche bun slathered in garlic mayo. Now that’s multicultural magic.

3. Quinn's Pub, Ultra Burger: This off-menu burger is the stuff dreams are made of — meaty, decadent, hedonistic dreams. The legendary stack of indulgence starts with one of their solidly delicious ½ pound Painted Hills grass-fed burger patties, topped with thick cut bacon and white cheddar on a brioche bun. But to make it Ultra, they add a seared 3 oz. portion of foie gras, a duck egg, and then whatever the chef wants to throw on it after that. In the past, oxtail has shown up, as has crispy bone marrow. Order some fries topped with demi glace and fonduta, and you’ll have to be rolled out of there.

L'il Woody's The Fig and The Pig

4. Lil Woody’s The Fig and The Pig + Solid Weekly Specials: One of our Eater favorite burgers, the Fig and the Pig tops their standard ⅓ pound burger with a heaping helping of Boat Street Pickles’ pickled figs, crispy strips of bacon, and crumbly, melty blue cheese. But if that isn’t your thing, you’ll have to check out their specials. In the past, they’ve partnered with everyone from Top Pot for a donut burger with marshmallow cream, bacon, and peanut butter, to last week’s meetup with Full Tilt, with peanut butter, fried banana, cheddar, bacon, maple syrup, and more. They post them all on Instagram. #droolworthy

5. Kedai Makan, Ramly Burger: Based off the Ramly burgers found on street stalls in Malaysia, which are the favorite late night snack, Kedai's version is inspired by the Old Traffold Burger food stall in Penang. It’s an egg wrapped patty, chili slaw, Worcestershire, onions, Maggi seasoning, and brown sauce on a grilled bun. To keep in tradition with the Ramly being served as bar-hopping food, it’s only offered on their late night menu on Fridays and Saturdays from 11 p.m. ‘til 2:00 a.m.

Honorable Mentions

Uneeda Burger: The burgers from Scott Staples’ Fremont haven are all pretty solid, but for the most interesting take, try the Medi-terra. The popular lamb burger or yesteryear is accented with charred peppers and onions to match its earthiness, melty Manchego cheese as an anchor, and then bright spots of arugula, cilantro, and tempura lemons.

Burger Boss: Drive-in charm meets fresh beef, and the best expression is the Boss Hog. They top two patties with two slices of American cheese, add three slices of bacon, two slices of ham, the works, and Boss Sauce (fry sauce that’s got some zing). If you wanna get crazy, a side of onion rings with their bacon sriracha sauce will do just that.

Zippy’s Giant Burgers: You don’t have to go big at Zippy’s, but if you want to, the Last Gasp packs huge flavor. It involves the evil genius marriage of a hot link, bacon, fried egg, a blanket of melted cheese, secret sauce, pickles, and lettuce. May we suggest you sit down for that?

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