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Don't Forget to Tip Your Eater

No service charge here — just send intel

A jar that says “Tip Box” with a few coins at the bottom
Tips and other local restaurant intel can be sent to

The bar and restaurant scene in Seattle continues to be filled with talk of exciting new openings, unfortunate closings, chef shuffles, and news of all sorts (negative and positive), particularly now that capacity restrictions have been lifted during the pandemic.

You, the reader, are the lifeblood of Eater: For all your excellent intel, insider knowledge, rants, recommendations, and tips, we thank you. Keep the info coming. Photos — from plywood to shutter signage to stop-work orders — are encouraged, and will be credited if desired. Chatty chefs, front-of-house friends, restaurateurs, and industry insiders are all encouraged to reach out, too.

Have you spotted a “coming soon” sign posted in your neighborhood? Driven past a restaurant that's shutting down? Found your new favorite place that you think we need to hear about? Heard whispers about bad actors in the industry?

All this is welcome via the tipline: Drop us a note a, or send in a tip, anonymity guaranteed. And while you’re at it, follow Eater on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter and sign up for the twice-weekly email newsletter.