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Linda Derschang's Little Oddfellows Replacing Elliott Bay Cafe in June

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Oddfellows make great bedfellows

Elliott Bay Cafe
Elliott Bay Cafe
EBC [Facebook]

Elliott Bay Cafe will call it quits in June, owner Tamara Murphy (Terra Plata) announced this morning, April 19. Linda Derschang will take over the space, which is adjacent to her Oddfellows Cafe + Bar, with "Little Oddfellows."

Derschang will be completing a full remodel of the space and opening in June. The new Oddfellows will have more "cafe vibes" than its neighboring big bro, a Derschang Group rep tells Eater, with beer and wine rather than the cocktails next door.

The menu is still being worked out, as are the number of seats in the cafe.

This will be Derschang’s seventh business currently running, adding to Linda’s, King’s, Oddfellows, Smith, Bait Shop, and Tallulah’s.

Since 2008, Murphy and her partner have been a part of the Peter Aaron-owned bookstore, operating the restaurant out of the Pioneer Square bookstore. In her Facebook announcement, the chef/owner wrote, "A heartfelt Thank you to Peter Aaron, the bookstore staff, my employees, and of course our customers who made this a fun and interesting ride. I am excited for Elliott Bay Book Company and Linda Derschang. Can’t think of a better fit."

UPDATE: A 4/20 press release from the Derschang Group noted that the menu will include sandwiches, grain salads, and "an ever-changing array" of baked goods. In addition to the wine and beer previously noted, they'll also be offering housemade sodas, fresh juices, and Stumptown espresso.

Oddfellows Cafe

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Elliott Bay Café

1521 10th Ave, Seattle, WA 98122 (206) 624-6600